Earn a 10% APY
Borrow at 12% APR

By lending to StiffMoney you get NOTEs, and are helping others become homeowners. StiffMoney offers a 10% APY on staked NOTEs. NOTEs are tokenized loans backed by real estate assets.

Want to buy a home? Stiff Money offers a 0% down payment lease to own option with 12% APR interest only payments. Apply to crowdloan your home purchase.

Stiff Money Funding
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Earn 10% Interest Helping Others Become Homeowners

  • Lenders can provide loans to StiffMoney by depositing accepted fiat or crypto currencies.
  • Lenders get NOTE tokens in exchange for loans of fait and crypto currencies they have made.
  • NOTEs are tokenized records of loans made to StiffMoney and can be exchanged for agreed premiums and loan payments.

Lease to Own Your First Home with Zero Downpayment

StiffMoney helps people become Homebuyers by providing a Low Documentation and No-Down Payment opportunity to become a Home Owner. Our Lease-to-Own Smart Contracts allow people to work towards home ownership with a monthly payment structure based on current income and rental payment history. Once in a home the Homebuyer can build equity in property and work towards paying off their StiffMoney purchase agreement, or they can refinance with a lower interest mortgage with a long-term lender.

First time home buyer Holding Keys Standing Outside New Home On Moving Day

What Makes Stiff.Money Different

Lenders earn 10% APY on funds they lend to StiffMoney. To compare the most common interest rate on savings accounts is .01%, though some credit unions and online bank accounts may offer higher rates around 1.00% Annualized Percentage Yield (APY).

Stiff.Money’s 10% APY offers Lenders on average 100X better ROI on deposited funds when compared to AVG savings account. And as an added benefit depositors are opening up homeownership to more people.

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Earn More From Your Money &
Help Make Dreams Come True

Start Earning 10% APY

Deposit accepted fiat or crypto currency and get NOTE tokens.


Apply to become a homeowner with our Lease-to-Own Smart Contract.

Deposit APY conversion rates based on U.S. Dollars
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