551 Eadon Rd Toledo WA 98591

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$250,000 Loan = 25,000 NOTES

Each NOTE represents = Principal $10.00 loan, with Due Repayment of $11.00
FOR VALUE RECEIVED, Stiff.Money LLC (“Borrower”), hereby promises to NOTE Token Holder (“Lender”), the principal sum of $10.00 (the “Principal Amount”), including interest in accordance with the terms set forth here https://bafkreiggq3qygui76m76xh353o3qaoqcbnzmhrr3itscvkzxq5gw6rk4lq.ipfs.nftstorage.link/ (Immutable Contract on IPFS)

Purpose of loan, to purchase 511 Eadon Rd, Toledo WA 98591 to develop into a multi unit residence. Loans proceeds will be used to install septic, and power and water hookups for two Tiny Home park models, and purchase the Tiny Homes. Homeowner will live in one and rent the other. More Project Details https://stiffmoney.com/551-eadon-rd-toledo-wa-98591/